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We have decided to let our Limited Winery License expire. It will do so on December 31, 2017 ending wine sales. We will continue to sell wine making supplies, beer making supplies, and specialty items at our Store on Route 422.

Wine Varietal Price range Status Notes
Blueberry semi sweet fruit premium sold out 100% fruit!
Chambourcin - dry dry red grape moderate in stock aged in white oak, full bodied with a peppercorn finish
Chambourcin - semi sweet semi sweet red grape moderate in stock fruity with hints of berries, non-oaked, cabernet tang
Chardonnay dry white grape moderate sold out Unoaked
Concord semi sweet red grape low sold out "breakfast juice in a bottle, with a kick"
Concord French Oak semi sweet red grape moderate sold out Hints of vanilla and oak, elevates Concord to a new level!
Crabapple semi sweet fruit premium in stock sweet/tart, crisp.
Diamond - dry dry white grape moderate in stock Very grapey, clean and crisp.
Diamond - semi sweet white grape moderate in stock Pineapple hints, award winner! Great paired with chicken and turkey.
Fredonia semi sweet red low sold out deep full body red
Marachal Foch - dry red grape moderate pending approval full-bodied, deep red
Marachal Foch - semi sweet red grape moderate pending approval full bodied, deep red
Muscat white grape premium in stock semi-sweet, simply fantastic!
Niagara semi sweet white grape moderate in stock Native American grape variety, delicious!
Peach semi sweet fruit premium in stock Very, very peachy
Pink Catawba semi sweet blush moderate in stock semi sweet blush
locally known as "campfire wine"
Rhubarb semi sweet vegetable premium sold out 100% rhubarb flavor without the sour.
Sour Cherry semi sweet fruit premium in stock spectacular with chocolate!
Steuben blush grape moderate sold out fruity, crisp, and clean. A nice dessert
Strawberry semi sweet fruit premium in stock a little bit of heaven in a glass
Traminette semi sweet white grape moderate pending approval spicy-floral, semi-sweet
Zinfandel semi sweet red grape moderate in stock Full bodied red, non-oaked


We will no longer be selling wines after December 31, 2017.

While we keep the list updated as often as possible, availability of varieties and prices are subject to change. Please call to verify what is in stock and price. Some items marked “sold out” may be available after the next harvest season.

We make all our fruit wines from 100% fruit, they are NOT flavored grape juice wines.

6 Responses to Wine List

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  2. ED HARPER says:

    I see no elderberry????
    give it up or not yet started????

    wanted to order a case


    • Della says:

      Hello Ed, Elderberry season is upon us…so we are hopeful to start a barrel perhaps next month. You can call us or keep an eye on our website as we will post when it’s available. Thanks for asking… Della

  3. ED HARPER says:

    if you get some time and would like to update
    would be nice to set up a printable version and permit
    printing the list

    • Kathy Graff says:

      You are free to print copies of this web page for your own use. For desktop or laptop computers, check the options in the File menu of your web browser. Chrome and FireFox have “Save” or “Save As” and “Print”, in addition the current version of Safari will let you export a web page as PDF. I don’t use Internet Explorer but I see print instructions here.
      If you only want to print part of the list, use the “Search” box above the table to filter the list. You can also click the header row cells to sort the list (other than the default by name of wine) before printing.

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