Frequently Asked Questions about our wines and tips for making wine and brewing beer.

Measuring alcohol content during fermentation

Q:  Do you have ____ (variety of wine) for sale?
A:  Our wines are made from natural products. The quality and quantity of the harvest from year to year determines which varieties will be available for sale. In addition there is often a waiting period for getting legal approval for sale of our newer wine varieties.

Q:  Why are your fruit and berry wines more expensive?
A:  Some “fruit” wines on the market are actually fermented from a mixture of grape juice and fruit or are actually inexpensive grape wines with fruit flavoring added. We make our fruit wines from 100% fruit.

Q:  Do your wines contain sulfites?
A:  We like to stay as chemically free as possible. All of our wines are low in sulfites… You’ll taste the difference.

Q:  Can I mail order your wines?
A:  Our bottled Award Winning Wines are available for purchase at the Winery, the Outlet Store (just east of Elderton on Rt. 422), and at selected festivals and wine tasting events. We are not shipping bottled wines at this time. We can ship wine and beer making kits and supplies.

Q:  Are you available to host weddings and other events at the winery?
A:  Free tours for groups or individuals are available by request. Unfortunately, while the Winery is being remodeled, we can not accommodate groups for other events. Please Contact us for details.

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