Fredonia is back

We now have Fredonia back on the shelf. This is a nice deep full bodied semi sweet red with lots of flavor. Moving fast so hurry if you would like to get your hands on some!!!


WineVarietalPrice rangeStatusNotes
Blueberrysemi sweet fruitpremiumsold out 100% fruit!
Chambourcin - drydry red grapemoderatein stockaged in white oak, full bodied with a peppercorn finish
Chambourcin - semi sweetsemi sweet red grapemoderatein stockfruity with hints of berries, non-oaked, cabernet tang
Chardonnaydry white grapemoderatesold outUnoaked
Concordsemi sweet red grapelowsold out"breakfast juice in a bottle, with a kick"
Concord French Oaksemi sweet red grapemoderatesold outHints of vanilla and oak, elevates Concord to a new level!
Crabapplesemi sweet fruitpremiumin stocksweet/tart, crisp.
Diamond - drydry white grapemoderatein stockVery grapey, clean and crisp.
Diamond - semi sweetwhite grapemoderatein stockPineapple hints, award winner! Great paired with chicken and turkey.
Fredoniasemi sweet redlowsold outdeep full body red
Marachal Foch - dryred grapemoderatepending approvalfull-bodied, deep red
Marachal Foch - semi sweetred grapemoderatepending approvalfull bodied, deep red
Muscatwhite grapepremiumin stocksemi-sweet, simply fantastic!
Niagarasemi sweet white grapemoderatein stockNative American grape variety, delicious!
Peachsemi sweet fruitpremiumin stockVery, very peachy
Pink Catawbasemi sweet blushmoderatein stocksemi sweet blush
locally known as "campfire wine"
Rhubarbsemi sweet vegetablepremiumsold out100% rhubarb flavor without the sour.
Sour Cherrysemi sweet fruitpremiumin stockspectacular with chocolate!
Steubenblush grapemoderatesold outfruity, crisp, and clean. A nice dessert
Strawberrysemi sweet fruitpremiumin stocka little bit of heaven in a glass
Traminettesemi sweet white grapemoderatepending approvalspicy-floral, semi-sweet
Zinfandelsemi sweet red grapemoderatein stockFull bodied red, non-oaked
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